Vacancy Details: PPIC Planner for Mandaue

PPIC Planner

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  • status code 1
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General Information

Location: Mandaue

Department: Engineering

Position Level: Experienced

Job Description

Prepares and schedules Customer product processing and shipping. Prepares and schedules dose mapping process runs; calculates product and process bulk densities; determines optimal product loading configurations. Coordinates with Customer regarding all stages of product scheduling, processing and shipping. Assists in the preparation of processing documentation


1. Make a production plan based Sales Marketing plan

2. Material procurement plans based on plans and stock conditions by calculating the production material requirements according to the ideal standard stock (there are minimum and maximum limits that must be available)

3. Monitor all inventory for the production process, stock in the warehouse or imported so that the implementation of market entry process and continue to run smoothly and in balance

4. Making evaluation of the production, sales and inventory conditions

5. Processing and analyzing data about the plan and realization of production and sales and inventory data

6. Calculating standard employee each year based on input from the production of direct observation

7. Calculating yield based on the realization of standards of production each year

8. Actively communicate with all parties concerned so as to obtain accurate data and up to date

9. Sales-Order Filtering of the Sales.
They will be entering orders into the Monthly Prod. Planning, after acceptable.
-Develop a schedule for the production process at the time, route, & the right qty so that goods can be delivered on time and in accordance with customer demand.
-Attempt at balancing the production line work.
-Inform the Sales section if there is a problem in the production process that causes delay delivery.


BSIE Graduate with 3 years of experience