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A technology company established upon a vision of freeing businesses from unnecessary activities manually done which are not only laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming but also expensive.

Our applications are thoughtfully crafted, we have users in mind. It is simple, everybody using it would be proficient in few days while it being complete, you would not miss out on any essential information to run your business.

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Asset Management

Did you know which asset belongs to which branch or department? Did you know which asset was assigned to a particular person and the due date for return? Were the borrowers of any assets taking care of it while it was in their position? Are you spending so much time to audit your assets?

Our asset management system allows you to keep track of any assets in the company anytime. Assets not fully utilized from one branch may be requested for transfer to another branch. Assets may be assigned to any employee by simply swiping in his/her RFID enabled employee ID. Due date (for return) may be for short or long term and the same information is recorded. Audit time is conveniently done by scanning the RFID or barcode attached to each asset.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Are your employees diligently performing the task you ask them to do? Were you able to fairly evaluate the performance of each employee? Are your employees satisfied with each performance evaluation? Are your employees motivated to perform their tasks as an important part of the team?

Our employee productivity monitoring is done by the implementation of the KPI. Metrics are agreed in a meeting and shall be assigned per employee concerned. Tasks shall be quantifiable and measurable. At the end of every work-day, each employee shall report his/her daily accomplishment report. Tasks may be mandatory or not but mandatory tasks require that each employee may report every day otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to clock-out from the daily attendance.

Since the report is initiated by the employee, each employee will feel that he/she was fairly evaluated. The employee can even personally evaluate his/her performance at any given time.

Sales CRM

Can you forecast future sales? Do you know the most effective step in closing deals? Are you giving enough support to your sales team? Do you have any idea what each salesperson is doing? Do you know how to guide salespeople to make a sale? Are you encouraging healthy competition?

Using our Sales CRM, our pipeline is intuitive to give you an estimate of how much your actual sales figure would be. The activities of all the salespeople in closing the deal are so organized to give everybody the most effective step in closing deals. Supervisors and Managers can easily coach non-performing salesperson based on his/her activities. Since the pipeline is viewable by everybody, it fosters healthy competition and encourages everybody to perform the task expected of them.


Did you always receive complaints concerning improper payment because of incorrect time records, absences, or overtimes? Are you certain that the salary computed is accurate? Did it take you long to verify time records? Were the employees properly credited for their statutory contributions? Did you find it difficult because you have daily, weekly or bi-monthly paid employees? Did you have multiple schedules and shifts that you have difficulty scheduling and monitoring?

Our payroll system allows employees to view his time record, hence, he can make necessary time adjustment or overtime requests to ensure accurate pay. Computing for salary is so simple, it can accurately be computed in a few clicks. The statutory contribution is automatically adjusted even if the cut-off is daily, weekly or bi-monthly. The system also automatically computes time schedules, shifts, night differential, holidays, loan payments, income deduction, income addition, over time, incentives and commissions.

Employee Management

Did you know the person who greeted you every morning? How about the person who makes your office pristine every day? Did you have any idea on how much you pay for your employee's SSS or Pagibig contribution? Have you ever greeted your employees during their special day? Are all your employees being appreciated for their contribution to the company? Did you know how much the salary difference between the manager and your driver?

Using our employee management tool, you always can make your employees special and valued. After all, we all believe that this plays an important role in employee productivity.

Office Supplies and Consumables Monitoring

Are your office supplies and consumables properly utilized? Have you encountered an employee who brought an alcohol home? Are you aware that these supplies may be small in value but may unnecessarily be costing you money? Are you aware that restocking by volume may save you money? Are your employees self aware of their personal consumption and that he should save on resources?

Our system monitors per individual, per department and branch consumption. Each employee is made aware of the total value of the resource he has consumed in a given month as well as his/her year to date total consumption. Supplies may be purchased by bulk because of the minimum quantities search function. Oversupply can also be identified because of maximum quantities function.

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Our Clients

ASV Business Solutions has been honored to partner with many companies

Project X, exceeded our management solutions requirement. I only needed payroll but they offered everything with a minimal cost. Too good to be true but yes, it is true. Thanks to you for making me feel one with the company.

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Verna CFO, Eastern Planners

Project X has given me much more than what I paid for. I get to manage my people even if I am on a personal or business trip. I feel secure knowing that I can track all my assets online. This is highly reccommended for someone like me who wants to keep aware of the in and out of the their business.

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Allan CEO, Rucelf

When you thought of a software that could help you manage your business, try Project X. Indeed it gives you endless possiblities. Endless possibilities to help you grow. Endless possibilites to close more deals. Endless possibilities to understand your people. And endless possibilities to be who you want to be. Thank you Project X.

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Arnold President, CBS Leathers Inc.

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